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The best manufacturer of spray paint

Global competition

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Variety in production

With over 40 different colors with
different uses

Industrial sprays

Types of sprays with
Industrial applications

Art spray

Specialized spray for graffiti and single flower mural designs with unparalleled variety of more than 200 different colors and various chats for professional designs

Product Features

Show color scheme Art spray
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General paint spray

Versatile 300 ml single flower spray in more than 30 different colors for general use and paint all surfaces

Product Features

Show color scheme General paint spray
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Industrial spray

Specialized sprays for use in industrial applications such as wd40 lubricating spray, frosting glass spray, etc.

Products Industrial spray

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Car spray

Specialized sprays for cars, including salt injector sprays, car tire polishing sprays, etc. with the best quality made from the highest quality raw materials.

Products Car spray

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