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Posted on 26 April 2022

One of the new products that the single-goal spray company has started producing is a saline injector spray with the exclusive name of Mazdak. Spray Injector Spray is one of the best ways to clean and destroy the implies in the injector. In the injector section, if the fuel and … do not fall away from time over time, it disrupts the fuel to different parts and thus causes impaired motor function and reduces the power of the engine. To avoid this problem, the saline tract can be one of the best to eliminate the wines and improve the fuel and increase your life and power engine power. Method of using this product: 1 – Turn on the engine as 5 to 10 minutes. 2. Remove the air filter, when the engine reaches 5,000 to 6,000 rpm, spray the engine input and the gas valve shaft. By doing this, mass, sediments and soot are exhausted by vehicle exhaust. Now you can turn off the engine, install the air filter. The manufacturer’s country and the difference in the price of the injector in the country of the country’s spray producer also play an effective role in its price. If you look at the injector in the market, different countries, including Iran, Turkey, China and the United States, are among the manufacturer of the injector cleaner spray. Prices of Iran’s products will be cost effective for Iranian consumers. Of course, there are low quality products that have a price of currency; But certainly they will not have enough and sufficient efficacy. For more information, contact the following numbers and order this product. 09121684009 Single Flower Company (Golranzan) is the best in the color and spray industry.

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